Dedicated to Excellent Customer ServiceDedicated to Excellent Customer Service

Dedicated to Excellent Customer Service

Shelf-Stable Products

We distribute products from reliable, trustworthy companies. We represent Bonafide Nitro Coffee & Tea, Sarilla Sparkling Beverages, and Cult Artisan Beverage. We are always on the lookout for great new products for you. We treat all of our customers equally. Big chains, mom and pops, and residences alike.
Let JPJ be your local distributor

Let JPJ be your local distributor

With JPJ, you can rely on prompt attention, easy-going staff, and professionalism


We deliver to most of New England and can easily ship our products to areas we do not cover for a reasonable shipping fee.


We accept credit and debit cards, checks, Venmo and cash on delivery.


We will be happy to assist you with eligible returns, the return instructions, and the shipping address. If you need a return or exchange, send us an email so we can discuss a replacement.

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